Lanarkshire Couples are invited to attend a Golden Wedding Anniversary celebration in Hamilton

Lanarkshire couples who will be celebrating 50 years of marriage have been invited to take part in the Golden Wedding anniversary celebration that is set to take place in Hamilton at the end of the month.

Hosted by the Provosts of North and South Lanarkshire, the 18th annual event – which will be held in the banqueting hall of South Lanarkshire council’s headquarters – will be a two night affair, taking place on Wednesday the 28th, and Friday the 30th of September.

Lynn Wyllie, the organiser of the function, said: “Our first Golden Wedding Celebration was held in Chatelheraut Country Park, Hamilton, and has taken place every year since then.

This was the first years that the event had taken place because the Queen and Prince Philip celebrated their Golden Wedding that year.”

A former Hamilton couple who will be attending, took to the streets in true 1960’s fashion in a bid to make others aware of the upcoming occasion. Allan and Elizabeth Bradshaw, who married in June 1966 rode a Vespa through Lanarkshire in an attempt to encourage others to take part in the festivities.

Allan told the Daily Record: “Classic Scooters instantly evoke that 60’s era and I hope we can give people a nostalgic flashback to their wedding day.

We are still going strong after 50 years, just like this scooter, and I’, looking forward to celebrating that with other Golden couples.”

If anyone wishing to attend would like to be added to the guest list, then they can email or write to the South Lanarkshire council’s administration services, floor 2, Almada Street, Hamilton, and provide their name, address.

Photocopies of a marriage certificate must be provided, along with an optional wedding photo of the couple, which will be included in a souvenir programme.

For further information on the event, contact Lynn Wyllie on 01698b455361, or


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