Hamilton Park Racecourse hosts its first Totepool music festival.

Hamilton Park Racecourse hosted its first indie music festival as part of its race day program on Saturday the 24th of September.

 The event was a resounding success, with acts such as Glasvegas, who headlined the day, and support from the likes of The View, Stevie Mcrorie, Kelvin, Indigo Velvet, 100 Fables, The Bar Dogs, and Motherwell locals, the LaFontaines.

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 Ashley Moon, head of marketing and operations at Hamilton Park, said: “we have always been keen to try and put a festival feel to an event and it lent itself to it with the demographic of the day.

 “With T in the Park starting just over the road in Strathclyde, we’ve always been very keen to do that, and the concept for us for this one was about moving away from what’s been done before, or doing an event that was going to attract a different audience for us.

 “We’ve done pop, we’ve done mainstream music, and we felt that indie rock was really in keeping with the festival style that we were trying to achieve.”


 In true festival style, the weather was atrocious, but torrential rain did not stop over 6,000 people making a splash, as they flooded the racecourse grounds, and a student focus, with tickets as low as £15 for those in education, has targeted a whole new demographic for the Park.

 Mr Moon said: “We were absolutely delighted. The weather was horrendous, but we had a really strong walk up and advanced sales were great. We did lots of stuff to try and target the student audience which are the new audience for us, with cost effective tickets – so it was £15 to come if you were a student, rather than the £30 on the day, or £25 in advance for a full price adult

 “The biggest challenge was the weather, but that’s the nature of our business anyway. Being an outdoor venue, as we are, all year round we are at the mercy of the elements.”

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 Now that this years racing season is over, discussions will shortly be underway to make plans for 2017’s race day programs and, while nothing is guaranteed at this time, there is the possibility of more festival fun next year.

 Mr Moon said: “Looking at next year, the fixture’s changed again, but we do still have 3 Saturdays. Our season has just finished, so over the next couple of weeks and months we will be reviewing everything that’s happened this year, but I would like to think that we will do something similar again next year.”

Other acts to have played at Hamilton Park Racecourse:

  • JLS
  • Tom Jones
  • West Life
  • The Saturdays
  • Steps
  • Peter Andre

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